About Barrel Racing

Barrel racing is a speed event in which a horse and rider attempt to complete a clover leaf pattern around preset barrels in the fastest time.  It combines the horse‚Äôs athletic ability and the horsemanship skills of a rider in order to safely and successfully maneuver a horse though the pattern.  The size of the pattern varies depending on the size of the arena.  Standard barrel racing patterns call for a precise distance between the start line and the first barrel, from the first to the second barrel and from the second to the third barrel.
In Barrel Racing, the purpose is to make a run as fast as possible.  The only judge is the clock.  In a Rodeo, the fastest time wins and the number of placing depends on the size of the Rodeo.  In other Associations, a race is broken into classes or divisions.  Races that involve divisions are commonly known as 4D or 5D races, meaning there will be 4 or 5 different divisions.  All Cascade West Production races are 5D races.  In these races, the fastest time will set the 1D and the break down of the other divisions is as follows:

1D Fastest Time
2D Fastest Time plus .5 second
3D Fastest Time plus 1 second
4D Fastest Time plus 1.5 seconds
5D Fastest Time plus 2 seconds

The number of placing in each division will vary.

Barrel Racing from a spectator's viewpoint looks rather easy, just run your horse around 3 barrels, pretty simple.  That is what most people think until they start to compete in the sport, and rather quickly you realize there is way more to this than it looks.  The athletic ability of the horse plays a huge role, as well as the horsemanship skills of the rider. When winners are determined literally by a thousandth of a second, there is no room for error.

Competing in Barrel Racing is both exhilarating as well as rewarding, and Cascade West Productions is an organization that strives to produce races that are fun with a great atmosphere and great awards!

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